Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to Eat Healthy at a Chinese Buffet


Skip Sauces and Breading


    Skip the sauce. Many Chinese sauces contain cornstarch, non-vegetarian oils and additives such as honey or peanuts to enhance the flavor. Eat healthy by skipping any dishes that contain it in the buffet line.


    Skip entrees that are fried in breading. This includes General Tso's chicken, cream-filled wontons and egg rolls. Breading contains a high amount of carbs, and paired with cholesterol-boosting oils, makes it very unhealthy.


    Skip any dishes with the word "fried" in it. Chinese buffets contain numerous dishes that are fried, including fried rice and fried chicken wings. These dishes are typically high in calories and fat.

Choose Simple Dishes


    Chinese dishes prepared with minimal sauces, including chicken stir fry and grilled meat, are healthier choices. The grilling method includes little to no sauce, sticking to natural flavoring from vegetables and spices.


    Choose dishes with lots of vegetables. Vegetables are lower in calories compared to noodles or meat. Vegetables also contain antioxidants and plenty of vitamins.


    Have soup. Chinese soup is low in calories and fat. This is due to how it is prepared and its ingredients. Most Chinese soups use light vegetable broths and vegetarian ingredients.

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