Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to Eat Healthy at a Chinese Food Buffet

How to Eat Healthy at a Chinese Food Buffet



    Avoid the fried foods like egg rolls, fried wonton, crab rangoon, and dishes such as sesame chicken or sweet and sour pork.


    Skip the rice, both fried and white. If the restaurant you are at offers brown rice, that is a healthier option, but enjoy sparingly.


    Avoid heavy sauces like sweet and sour sauce or duck sauce. These have a lot of refined sugar and calories.


    Pick dishes like beef with snow peas or chicken and broccoli. These dishes have lean strips of meat which are great sources of protein. They also have lighter sauces, which cuts back on calories.


    Have soup as an appetizer. Wonton soup, egg drop and hot and sour soup are all great, and when you have them before they can help make you feel fuller sooner.


    Try some sushi. California rolls are a great option because they don't have any fish in them (they have fake crab meat) and they also have avocado, which is very good for you.


    Reduce sodium intake by requesting low sodium soy sauce. Most restaurants will be able to accommodate this request.

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